The wishing well is a structure that describes a point of belief. The well demarcates a location of good fortune, the life giving force of water. The well reflects desires onto a network built on a mythos of wellness and sustainability. Belief is what supports the network, it keeps the wells from running dry and supporting the surface.

These sculptures vibrate between presenting truth and fiction, reflecting on the contested histories of the Stary Grunwald neighborhood while intertwining a kitsch domestic lawn ornamentation. This constellation of structures is designed to house intimate moments in belief, access and denial. Each well operates as a stanza in a poem, while simultaneously becoming pins on a map, the spacing between the margins takes on a geographical scale. Navigating the distance, the visitor is invited to conceptualize a complex infrastructure that connects the dots between these self reflexive moments.

Urban Spring, 2014
Wood, mirrored acrylic glass & vinyl lettering.

Installation views: Spacerolgia: Stary Grunwald Sculpture Residency Poznan PL