“Can madness appear in writing? Can writing be a kind of madness if madness is the negation of all order? Writing that communicates (and that becomes a commodity) gets as close to madness as it can without ever entering into it for fear of ceasing to communicate”
- Guy Hocquenghen, The Screwball Asses

The Ouroboros in the Cul-de-Sac (Part 1) is a performance produced over the course of a one week residency at clearview Ltd., London. This work initiates and ongoing navigation into concepts of facsimile within a queer reading of domesticity in relation to capitalism and gentrification. The intention with this project is to begin an exploration into emotional states of being expressed within architecture, simulacra and mimetic rivalry while laying a personal groundwork for the cultivation of queer theories in relation to how bodies are managed within our built environment. The inclusion of “Part 1” within the title of this work indicates that this project as continuing further in episodic sequence, manifesting in forms of writing, performances and exhibitions as the research into these themes begins to evolve.

Installation and performance views, clearview Ltd., London 2017