Achtung Baby is in reference to the children’s story Charlotte’s Web written by E.B. White and illustrations by Garth Williams. Using the formal qualities of the character of Charlotte and how she spins messages in her web to save her friend Wilbur, a pig, from slaughter. This work alludes to a proposition of a division between natural and human made world's, where nature is capable of speaking its own context of language and communication. Here this work speaks to call out a more contemporary message of “Achtung Baby” (translated as “Warning Baby” in English) which is written abstractly within the threads of the metallic web.

Achtung Baby, 2014
Wood, Copper & Necklace Chains.
Installation view, Gillmeier Rech, Berlin 2014

Magna Matters, 2014
Poetry written and preformed for the exhibition "Grids", Gillmeier Rech, Berlin 2014