As a functioning wall clock, Cuckold Cuckoo intends to look at the domestic industries of kitsch in relation to traditional forms of craftsmanship. By sculpting the form of a Cuckoo Clock out of various contradictory forms and components, Cuckhold Cuckoo looks to present a sexually charged and surrealist representation of the domestic lifestyle franchise.

Cuckold Cuckoo, 2015
Wood, Paint, Glue, Bamboo Steamer, Silk Flowers, Plastic Pine Bows, Pine Cone, Rope, Cigarettes, Iron Clock Weight, Plaster, Roasted Crickets, Canadian Pennies, Clay, Snail Shells, Miniature Croc Shoe, Condom, Ribbon, Resin, Metallic Chain, Decorative Bird, Clock Mechanism, Battery.

Installation Views: Other Projects, Berlin